Wednesday, May 07, 2008


This past Saturday we took Carter to the park for a bike ride. We were all having a blast until Carter had an accident. In an attempt to slow himself as he went down a cobblestone hill, Carter lost his balance and flipped off his bike. Yes, he was wearing a helmet. He was also wearing sunglasses and I think it was the molded plastic nose piece that managed to split his head open. Ironically the glasses didn't break nor was there any sign of blood on them.

Despite all of the blood, Carter was a trooper...even while we were a little bit lost getting to the hospital. Thanks to Nana who sat in the backseat with him and applied pressure to the wound the entire time! Fortunately, Carter did not require stitches. The hospital staff simply used surgical glue and steri-strips to close the wound. I'm not sure that I could have held him down for stitches -- it was hard enough to keep him still for the glue.

The crash and the hospital trip didn't phase Carter in the least. Right after his nap, he was back on his bike...full speed ahead.

Today was the first day we were allowed to remove the steri-strips. Looks like it's healing well but he's going to have a substantial a scar.

Friday, May 02, 2008

What's The Weather

Carter has been in a performing mood...check out his latest song about the weather.

Clearly he gets his dance moves from his father.

Thursday, May 01, 2008

Potty = Legos

Nothing says "I filled up my first potty training sticker chart" like a new Lego airplane that's as big as Carter. One might think that it's really more of a toy for Ben, but it's quite amazing to watch Carter play with his Legos. He's very gentle with them and spends a lot of time acting out scenes with them. Ages 8 and up? Let's just hope that he's potty trained before the rewards are actually "age appropriate."