Monday, November 16, 2009

Lego Countdown Calendar

You are likely all aware of Carter's fascination with Legos (really, the whole family is obsessed). Well, Lego makes an Advent calendar every year and each of the 24 doors opens to a small Lego (usually a max of about 10 pieces).

Last year we used the calendar for the countdown until we flew home for the holidays. This year we are using it as the countdown to the movers. Last night was the first night. We only have 23 nights left in the house.

"Aargh!  Get packing or I'll make you walk the plank..."

PS - The Carter picked out the Pirate themed Advent calendar (pictured above) this year.  I was pushing for the Lego City theme which would coordinate with much of his Lego collection already.  He has nothing pirate related nor has he ever shown any interest in pirates. Until now.   My whole point of telling you this is to tell you that this set retails for $55 on and we picked it up for 12 euros here in Germany.  That kid is smart...he somehow picked the "rare in the US" edition.

Tuesday, November 03, 2009

38 days!

It's totally official now.  We have the movers scheduled and our plane tickets booked.  We will officially be re-patriated as of December 11, 2009 at 5pm.  OK, so maybe we won't actually be through passport control and customs until closer to 6pm. 

We only have 38 days left over here.  It's a huge rollercoaster of emotions.  We are so excited to be moving home to be close to family and friends.  I'm excited to be able to shop at Target and Costco again...and even on a Sunday if I so choose.   But, there are so many things that we will miss about Germany/Europe.  The bread and the beer, for example.  And, of course, we'll miss the travel opportunities.

Oh my gosh, only 38 days. 

I have so much I need to get done. 

Aside from all of the work related stuff that I need to wrap up, we need to get our house organized.  So many decisions:  what's coming home with us on the plane?  What's going in our 770 lb air shipment?  What's going by sea shipment?  What do we need to sell / give away here in Germany (vacuum cleaner, hair dryer, iron, lamps, lawn mower, etc)? 

I can't even begin to think about Christmas shopping. 

Ahhh...I don't have time to be blogging with you people.  I've got stuff to do!