Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Holiday plans

We are coming home for the holidays - Get out the menorah and santa hat!!!

We got Carter a Lego advent calendar which we are using to count down to our trip home.  Tomorrow is the first day.  We arrive in MI Dec 13th.  We have a few days there to adjust, see friends, check in at work, go to the doctor, visit family and finish xmas shopping.  Then it's off to ATL on the 18th.  From there we go to Chattanooga for some mom time.  We return back to MI on the 22nd and get ready for xmas with Nana, Grandpa, Kevin, Christina and COUSINS!!! On the 26th we drive to Cincinnati for a few days with dad and grandma Rose's 94th birthday party.  On the 29th we head back to MI for new years and leave for Germany on Jan 2.  Those 3 weeks are gonna fly by.  Hope we can see everybody.  

Oh yeah, we are gonna eat bagels too, lots of bagels.

Move update

It appears that all the drama has died down and we have a signed lease for a new place.  Our new place is great and we are renting from another Ford family.  They are going for a 2 year assignment to the UK so the timing works out perfectly for both of us.  It's in the same neighborhood as the first place we wanted.  Looking forward to exploring the new town.  

The movers come Monday - Wednesday next week (Thanksgiving week).  We fully expect things to be a bit crazy for a while until we get all settled in.  Our internet may be down for a week with the move, then again it could get transfered the day of the move...it's tough translating german mail.

Carter is all prepped to move to the new place.  Although he will probably be dissapointed that the boys who lived there are taking all their toys.  His biggest concern is that the movers won't have enough space on the truck to fit our table and chairs.

Stay tuned for more updates on the move as things progress.

Saturday, November 15, 2008

Carter's Big Boy Bed

Carter finally got his big boy bed today. Carter had been sleeping in a "toddler bed" since he was 18 months old and it was really starting to look small for him. Prior to his 3rd birthday, I started look for a twin sized bed online. I quickly learned that bed sizes in Europe are close to the US, but not quite the same. I didn't want to buy a European sized bed and then return to the US and find that I there aren't any sheets the right size. So, when I learned that yet another Ford employee was moving to Germany, I decided I needed to get a bed and a matress on his sea shipment. I ordered the bed and matress online. Can't believe I actually ordered a piece of furniture online without having seen it in person first. My co-worker arrived here in Germany in early October but he didn't move into his house until this past week. It was so frustrating knowing that Carter's bed was here in Germany but we couldn't get to it.

Once we told Carter about his big boy bed, he immediately wanted to sleep in it. We had to set it up the very day we picked it up. I was actually impressed with how well it matches his other furniture (the stuff that was part of his orginal nursery...dresser, bookcase, and bed side table). Carter is in love with the car sheets. He doesn't like to sleep under the covers...I just have to fold them back every night. It actually makes Carter mad when I make the bed and put the striped pillow sham on top of the pillow with the car pillow case.
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