Sunday, July 27, 2008

Wanted: Full Time Blog Author

Job Description:
Exclusive author of Gale Family Blog. Must be able to post blog updates on a regular basis. Blogs must cover the Gale Family travels & experiences. Must fully document toddler's growth and development in order to satiate Grandparents needs. Must write in a witty and entertaining fashion.

No travel required. Flexible work schedule would be considered. Job to start immediately!


Clearly I am very behind in our blog. I have even received some nasty-grams from some of the more dedicated blog followers asking for updates. So much to blog: Italy trip in May, the EM Fussball Championship in June, Corky's toad adventure, and our Paris trip in July. I promise I will work on this and provide you all with much reading material in the near future. As always, I will date the postings according to when they actually happened so over the next couple of weeks be sure to check for new postings dated in May and June.

In the meantime, should you know of anyone who would like to become my personal blog author, send them my way!

Ah, the life of a working mom...we outsource everything. We hire cleaning ladies to clean the house, we take our clothes to the dry cleaners, hire babysitters and nannies to look after our kids. Some even hire personal shoppers. It's only natural that I should hire someone to write my blog!

Now if only I could hire someone to lose that weight for me! : )

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

One Step Closer to Eviction

Today was the day that the new owner of our house closed on the property. It's only a matter of time now before Ford receives a letter from the new owner asking us to move out. I know that many of you who are planning on visiting this fall are very concerned about our living arrangements. We honestly don't know what our plan is; however, we do expect to be moving before the end of October.

I spend a lot of time surfing the web looking for a new, suitable apartment/house. We currently have the perfect combination of size, yard, and location. I'm afraid that we'll have to sacrifice proximity to the city in order to have something with sufficient space and a decent yard.

We will certainly keep all of you posted via the blog and will have pictures up of the new place once we have identified it.