Monday, August 30, 2010

In Over My Head

So much has been going on here at the Gale household but I’ve had no time/energy to blog.  You are all probably wondering about the Breast Cancer 3-Day and Carter’s birthday…not to mention all the other stuff going on.

I can barely keep up. Where has the summer gone?  Carter starts Kindergarten in a week. 


Can you believe it?  I certainly can’t.

I am just barely scraping by these days. 

Here’s a picture of our lawn to prove that point:


Yes, we are those neighbors.

How awful is that? 

I’m struggling to be a good mom/wife/employee/friend/daughter/sister. I’m not sure I’m succeeding but I do know I’m exhausted from trying. Clearly, as evidenced above, I’ve given up trying to be a good neighbor/home owner. 

And blogging, well that’s down there on my list right after lawn maintenance. 

Saturday, August 07, 2010

Wrong Number Text Pages

Do you ever get text pages on your phone that were intended for someone else?

I just now got a text that said, “Hi Pastor Mark. This is So-and-so. Just wanted to see if you have time to meet today.”*

I wanted so badly to call this guy and find out why he so desperately wants to meet with his Pastor on a Saturday morning.  Then again, I have enough going on in my own life that I don’t need someone else’s burdens.  I sent him a reply page telling him he reached the wrong person. I didn’t want him thinking his Pastor snubbed him in a time of need.

Ben has received “booty call” text pages.  He doesn’t respond to them and I wonder if the girl thinks the intended recipient is not interested in her.

I used to receive wrong number voicemails on my work phone all the time.  It was some poor kid looking for his mama to pick him up.  It was such a sad voice. He never left a call back number so I never knew how to call him back and say he has the wrong number. Gosh, I hope his mother eventually picked him up.

I also once got a voicemail on my phone from someone trying to go through the 12 step process and was in the apologizing step.  He left a long message and was asking for the girl to call him back so he could apologize properly.  He left a number but I never called to tell him he had the wrong number. I always wondered if he moved on to the next step properly without getting to apologize to the girl.

What about you? have you ever received a text page in error?  Do you write back?  Any interesting wrong number voicemails?

*names changed to protect the innocent