Friday, December 31, 2010

2010 Gale Family List

10. I’m too busy to write a real holiday letter, so I’m cheating by making a list. I once vowed to never write a holiday letter. This doesn’t count does it? I don’t like breaking promises. [You are probably asking yourself, “Why can’t she just send a picture card like everyone else?”]

9. I have been terrible at keeping up with friends and family this year. I used to email, I used to keep a blog, and I used to be on Facebook. These things require time and maintenance. I don’t have the energy for either these days. BUT! I will try to be better in 2011.

8. We bought a house and moved into it. We gutted the master bath, we painted the inside, we painted the outside, we installed all new interior lighting, and we got new landscaping.

7. Carter is 5 and started Kindergarten this year. He also played soccer in the spring and summer. He’s trying tae kwon do this winter.

6. Ben and I both still work for Ford, nothing new here. We are happy to have jobs. We’ve been working on the new 2012 Focus for the past 3 ½ years and it will finally come out this spring.

5. Though our travel is not nearly as exotic since we are no longer in Europe, we did make it to LA, DC, NYC, Portland, Chicago, and Cincinnati.

4. I participated in the Michigan Breast Cancer 3-Day. I walked (almost) 60 miles in 3 days and raised close to $3,000.

3. We want you to come visit us. We have lots of room and promise to feed you. And, yes, we mean you!

2. We adopted a sweet kitty in the spring. Her name is Shelby.

1. Our family is growing by one in 2011! Gale baby #2 is due to arrive the middle of June. We should know January 19 if the baby is a boy or girl. Carter is super excited, but really wants a brother.