Thursday, July 19, 2007

Our Sea Shipment Was Delivered!

Our sea shipment was delivered yesterday! It only took 5 weeks...helps make up for the super slow air shipment.

The movers arrived at 8am. It was so cool to see the truck driver maneuver the tractor-trailer up and down our narrow little street. I applauded him when he was done and it was in place. I was truly impressed. We had a great crew of guys who unloaded and unpacked our stuff. Fortunately, one was fairly fluent in English and he was quite the comedian, too.

It was wonderful to see our furniture again and Carter is just giddy about having all of his toys back. I definitely brought too much kitchen stuff. Our oven here is so small that my cookie sheets from the US won't fit. Good thing we have ample storage in the basement!

It's amazing how much quieter the house is now that we have soft couches and rugs to absorb the sound. Ah, silence....oh, shit, there goes one of Carter's loud toys. Couldn't we have left those in storage? So much for the silence.

Home Internet / Home Phone --
After much effort by Ben and many hours on the phone with T-Com support, we have home internet. Dealing with IT support is never easy, but it's even harder when you don't speak the same language. Of course, we got the internet working just in time for SunRocket (our VOIP phone line provider) to go out of business. So, we had promised all of you that once our home internet was up and running, you could call us at our old Northville phone number. No longer the case. Ben is now investigating Vonage or Skype for VOIP service. Stay tuned...once a decision is made and we have a new Michigan phone number, we'll let you know.


Tina said...

C - Thanks for the great posts. I'm thrilled to read that Carter is transitioning so well. Keep the info coming! - T

Cheryl said...

Carla, Ben, and Carter: Just wanted to say "hi" Glad to hear that all of your stuff arrived. Sorry about the cookie sheets :(