Sunday, January 27, 2008

2008 Travel Planning Begins!

So this year we are going to take advantage of living in central Europe. In April we are taking 3 days to go to Amsterdam. We'll be spending the last two weeks of May in Italy. In July we'll be spending 5 days in Paris and then we'll have Ben's sister, Sarah, staying with us for a week. And in August or September, my mom and aunt MB are coming to visit with a possible trip to Paris.

We initially had plans to go to Munich next weekend (it's a long weekend here) but we've decided to stick it out and brave Karneval here in Cologne. We figure we need to experience it at least once...if it's totally crazy we'll know to skip town next year.

So, we still need to find time for trips to Berlin and Munich. We want to go to Switzerland, but maybe we'll wait until the fall. Ben's cousin, Daniel, is moving to Geneva in July so perhaps we will wait until he's well settled in.

Aaahhh...too bad these darn jobs keep getting in the way...imagine how much we could see if we didn't have to go to work.

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