Sunday, February 17, 2008

Carter's Playroom

So I've finally done it. I finally got Carter's playroom in the basement all set up. The walls used to be pink and I painted them white on Saturday during Carter's nap. I scrubbed the floors clean and put down some rugs from IKEA. Finally, during Carter's nap today, I put up the Lightning McQueen wall decals a friend had sent to me back in December. After his nap, I took him downstairs to show him his new playroom. The huge smile on Carter's face made my day. He was so excited and gave me a big hug. He made sure that Daddy understood that the playroom belongs to Carter only. Carter insisted on having his afternoon snack at his table and chairs.

This evening we had friends over for dinner. Carter took "Uncle" Derrek to the basement to show off his playroom. He said to Derrek, "My Mommy made this room for me."

The finishing touches are some Mickey Mouse and Curious George posters that I'm ordering from Amazon.

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