Sunday, June 29, 2008

Corky's Toad Adventure

Today, a new ISE (international service experience) family arrived here in Cologne. As the self-nominated welcoming committee, I invited this family over for dinner. I also felt it was in my best interest to make them feel happy here as he was brought over here to help me with my work load. A happy co-worker is a productive co-worker!!

Ben and I spent the day tidying up the house and cooking. We were expecting the family to arrive around 4:30. This would allow the children to have time to play in the yard prior to an early dinner. At 4:35, I looked up from my reading and see a toad in the house!! What the did this happen? Sure there are no screens on windows and doors here in Germany but never have we had anything just wander into the house. Aha...there's the culprit. It's Corky. He's a few feet behind the toad frothinig at the mouth and trying to spit. Apparently the toad has some sort of foul tasting secretion that is making Corky's mouth foam up. Now the toad is hopping across our floor, leaving a nice trail of slime and Corky is spitting everyway.

Oh God, please don't let the new family show up now. Please be late, please be late, please be late! New family may not like cats. May be totally repulsed by toad and slime. They may not find this funny.

Ben and I sprang into action. I threw the Corky outside. Ben caught the toad in some tupperware and tossed him over the fence into the neighbor's yard (wow, Corky was SOOOO mad!). And I managed to swiffer up the floor before the new family arrived. Phew!

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