Monday, June 02, 2008

Our New Car, er, I Mean Ka

We picked up our new lease car today. It's a little green jelly bean. Because we use our second car so infrequently, we chose the least expensive option available to us -- a Ford Ka. Our particular model has tiny 13 inch wheels, no AC, and a 1.3L I4 engine that puts out a whopping 59 hp; however, it still costs 9750 Euros (which is $15,000 USD at today's exchange rates).

Carter calls the Ford Ka the "Fun Car" because it's so little it looks like a toy. I personally believe it was named the Ka because it's too small to be a Car.


Anonymous said...

Cute Ka .... it does look like a jelly bean.
Carter may try to bring it indoors to play with on his track.
Important point ... is there room for Carter & I in the backseat?

Rebecca said...

I got a car too, its also green. Not Jelly bean like though.