Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Tigger Costume = Bad Mommy

Weeks ago I was talking to Carter about what he wanted to be for Halloween. It was a tough choice between Bob the Builder and Tigger...but after viewing examples online, Carter selected Tigger. I promised him I would order it for him and have Nana and Grandpa Gary bring it with them when they come to visit.

Given the "housing crisis" that we've been going through and the "potential prison time for tax evasion," I somehow forgot to order the beloved Tigger costume. I just remembered this tonight, Tuesday. My parents are flying over here on Thursday. In a frenzy I searched the web for Tigger costumes in Europe. Nothing in continental Europe or the UK. AND, in the US, Tigger is either sold out, backordered, or outrageously expensive. Feeling like a bad mommy, I sucked it up and ordered the costume and paid for overnight shipping. Ah, the power of guilt.

Fingers crossed that it arrives in time so Nana can shove it into her suitcase before hopping on the plane. Otherwise, you may see one extra Tigger costume on eBay next month.

Oh, and the tax evasion thing...I wasn't kidding. But, I'll save that for another post.

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Rebecca said...

That's really cute. I have the same trouble trying to get anything normal ordered out here in NEPA. Did you know Joe used to be really into Tigger when he was about Carter's age? very funny.