Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Holiday plans

We are coming home for the holidays - Get out the menorah and santa hat!!!

We got Carter a Lego advent calendar which we are using to count down to our trip home.  Tomorrow is the first day.  We arrive in MI Dec 13th.  We have a few days there to adjust, see friends, check in at work, go to the doctor, visit family and finish xmas shopping.  Then it's off to ATL on the 18th.  From there we go to Chattanooga for some mom time.  We return back to MI on the 22nd and get ready for xmas with Nana, Grandpa, Kevin, Christina and COUSINS!!! On the 26th we drive to Cincinnati for a few days with dad and grandma Rose's 94th birthday party.  On the 29th we head back to MI for new years and leave for Germany on Jan 2.  Those 3 weeks are gonna fly by.  Hope we can see everybody.  

Oh yeah, we are gonna eat bagels too, lots of bagels.

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