Wednesday, May 20, 2009

What Every Woman Needs: A "Sport" Washer

After nearly 2 years of living abroad, I still get the weekly Costco deals emailed to me (and so does Ben). We actually read them...they don't go to the virtual recycle bin unread. As many of you know, we actually love Costco that much. These email circulars provide quite a bit of conversation fodder in the Gale household. Ben and I will often talk about the awesome deals on cool stuff that we are missing out on (Waterford crystal, wooden play kitchen for Carter, computers, cameras, and other random stuff that we don't need).

The latest e-circular arrived and I'm really stumped by one of the offerings: a Whirlpool "Sport" Washer & Dryer. What exactly is a "sport" washer and dryer? It doesn't look especially sporty to me.

Is it faster than a traditional laundry system? Or do I get a workout from it while doing laundry? In reading the specs, it is apparently equipped with an "innovative suspension system." Who knew this was important for laundry. I'm still not convinced that's what is sporty about it, though. It certainly can't be to encourage men to do would need an ESPN ticker and video game like graphics to entice Ben into the laundry room.

Your thoughts? What makes a washer and dryer "sporty?"

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Yoseif said...

Ooh! Ooh! I know this. We bought a new washing machine last week and dealt with this. It's "Sport" because it's small. Most of the new front-loading washing machines are much larger than the traditional standard-size machine and won't fit in many laundry room.

However, I think your ESPN-branded washer is a great idea!