Monday, June 29, 2009

Dye Job? More Like Die Job...

I just don't get it. I am incapable of getting a good haircut here in Germany. Well, actually, the haircut is fine, it's the hair color. Back in Michigan I used to get my hair colored brown with auburn undertones. I loved it and it was pretty close to the real thing (back when I was 17, before the "real thing" became gray).

Here in Germany, there's no such thing as soft red undertones, it's a shocking purplish-red. Afraid of looking like I soaked my head in an oak barrel of Zinfandel, I opted for just plain brown. The word is even the same sound in English and in German so one couldn't claim "lost in translation." Somehow my hair ended up nearly black. Each time I went back I explained I would like it a softer, warmer brown. No darker than milk chocolate. Each time I went home looking like I've just rubbed black shoe polish all over my head.

Finally, I decided that perhaps if I got highlights over the nearly black hair, it would soften the look. Nope, I looked like a zebra. No soft highlights, only white stripes. After multiple trips, the result of repeated black base and white highlights, I looked like I had a head of gray hair...the VERY THING I was trying to cover up in the first place. Ugh!

When we moved last December from one part of town to another, I took that as an opportunity to "break-up" with my hairdresser. I found a new one in my new neighborhood. Fingers crossed, I enter the salon. They apparently speak EVEN LESS English than the last place. After 3 hours and 4 people working on me, I was somewhat satisfied with the result: brown hair with more natural looking highlights. The problem? This cost me 160 euros!! I did not realize that prior to getting the work done. OUCH! The zebra effect at the old salon only set me back about 60 euros.

So today, I go back to the salon (yes, the super expensive one) and decide to go for just brown. I figured opting out of the additional highlights would save me some serious euros. Besides, they had come pretty close to brown last time. I had hope. I spoke with the stylist about what I wanted, I even showed her an example in the sample book. What did I end up with? Black-brown shoe polish head again. Silly me for having hope. Fortunately (??) this only set me back 113 Euros this time.

I wonder what I would look like if I went the next 5 months until we move home without getting my hair colored? Should I go for it? I think I might be mortified by how much gray I really have.

So add that to my list from yesterday (things I'm looking forward to having upon repatriating): a good hair salon that can get my hair color right...or, at the very least, a shade found in nature.

PS - I know you are all wishing I would post a picture so you could see the shoe polish head for yourself....including the stains from the hair color on my forward all along the hair line where they didn't do a good job of "coloring within the lines." Ha! I've got to wash my hair and scrub at my skin about 20 times between now and when we get home to Michigan on Friday. I have a wedding to attend on Saturday.

PPS - Now I know why hairstylist is the worst paying job in Germany.


Anonymous said...

Too funny ( easy for me to say ! )
Your blogs make my day.
See you soon.

Aleesha said...

I'm having similar problems in Canada... where they SPEAK English!!

Do they not sell hair dye in a bottle at the grocery store or drug store or whatever it is you have there in Germany?! That could MAYBE at least get you through until you're home in December... If you need me to ship you some, let me know!

Anca said...

UNDERSTAND - I was currently on a similar plight - had added highlights that were way too RED and made me look really pale. HAve gotten to the third salon now, have spent a ton of cash and I just realized the other day that my hair looks essentially back to normal. Ugh....

You can't have that much gray, you just can't Carla! :)

Georgia Stitt said...

I feel like I could have written your blog, and I live in Los Angeles where EVERYONE colors her hair! Ugh. I have one salon in NYC where they always get my hair color right, but it's expensive and now it requires a plane trip, too! (HA -- so that only happens if I happen to be there anyway.) I've lived in LA for 4 1/2 years and I'm still on the hunt. Good luck!

Nora said...

Did I tell you my goth girl story right before Jeremy's wedding last year. I was startled by the person looking back at me in the mirror the first couple of days. Thank god Dandruff shampoo will lighten up black hair die. I was not quite so scary at the wedding.