Thursday, August 20, 2009

Random Stuff

Dinner time is one of the most difficult times of day for me. Lately it's like Carter has meal time induced ADD. He won't sit still, in fact he won't even stay in his chair. He is distracted by every little thing. OK, so I know that he's only 4 (or very nearly) and this is probably normal but it's driving me crazy.

I am always finished with my dinner well before Carter and it is seriously painful for me to have to sit at the table and wait while he finishes. But we have to stay with him and encourage him to stay seated and eat.

We've tried to explain to him that he is cutting into his play time before bedtime and that doesn't seem to sink in. Any suggestions?


I am looking for some book recommendations. Has anyone read something good lately? I just finished my Daniel Silva book and am in need of something new. And, please, no Twilight suggestions.

When you finish a book, do you ever miss the characters? Sometimes I find myself wondering what they are up to today, as if they are real people.


I am in serious kitty cat withdrawal (if you couldn't tell from yesterday's post). We were so busy traveling the first couple of months after Corky died that we weren't home enough to miss him. It was actually good for us. The last couple of weekends have been rainy, hang out at home kind of weekends and that's when I notice how empty is seems here without a cat to snuggle. Carter is getting frustrated with me. I keep hugging him onto my lap and rubbing his back and all he wants to do is play or watch a movie in peace.

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