Wednesday, October 07, 2009

Gross, Lice!

Someone at Carter's school has lice.  How gross is that?

Last week someone was diagnosed with chicken pox (fortunately Carter has had the vaccination) and now this week someone has headlice.  I guess it's a common problem in daycares and preschools (and camp) but I still can't get past the idea that it's due to general  uncleanliness.  I have not stopped itching since I found out. 

Carter does not appear to have any sign of it but I still want to burn everything of his that was at school in the past week.

Have you or your kids had lice?

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Michele said...

Ew gross!! I had lice (just eggs) when I was a kid. It was gross. My friend brought it home from gymnastics camp. My mom threw away EVERYTHING--including one of my other friends favorite blanket. OOPS!

Paulette said...

be happy Carter has short hair! I am dreading a lice outbreak at Alexis' preschool, with how long her hair is, you know she'll get it! never had lice myself and hoping it stays that way. yuck. I think washing everything in hot water would do the trick. fingers crossed your household makes it out of the infestation lice free!!

ree said...

No, thank goodness - of course my sister and her five kids passed it to my brother and his four kids during one extended visit with my parents.

And two of them were girls with hair down to their waists!

I'm with Paulette - Yuck.

Lara said...

I've resigned myself to the fact that the kids are going to get disgusting viruses/bacteria/critters along the way and just hope it won't be anything too horrible.

Anonymous said...

Ah ! the joys of motherhood.


Irene said...

Seems that's the eternal "kid" issue in school..Lice...I say.. get over it. AND..exposure to viruses etc do help to build up immunity.Seems the "Baby Boomer" generation contracted all the "routine"..measles..mumps..etc..and, us old folks managed to survive and be VERY productive as well!

Anonymous said...

Yes, Mallory had it twice...the joys of public school....pain in the butt but what do you do....

Amy Pitman