Thursday, October 01, 2009

October = Breast Cancer Awareness Month

October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month and 2009 happens to be the 25th anniversary.  As you are probably aware (thanks to the "Feel your boobies" button on the right), I am rather passionate about Breast Cancer Awareness.  You may wonder why I'm so passionate about one close to me has ever died from breast cancer.  BUT, the statistics are scary....

From Wikipedia: 
Women in the United States have the highest incidence rates of breast cancer in the world.  Among women in the US, breast cancer is the second-most common cancer (after skin cancer) and the second-most common cause of cancer death (after lung cancer). Women in the US have a 1 in 8 (12.5%) lifetime chance of developing invasive breast cancer and a 1 in 35 (3%) chance of breast cancer causing their death.

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In honor of Breast Cancer Awareness month, I am going to copy Ree from The Hotfessional.  She's donating 10 cents for every comment she receives during the month of October, up to $150.

I’ll contribute $0.50 for every comment I receive during the month of October, up to $200.  
No, I'm not trying to out-do the Hotfessional.  I will be really suprised if can get to $200.  I don't have the number of readers she does, nor will I post everyday like she does.  I will only count 1 comment per person per posting.


Anonymous said...

Great idea Carla! I had my mammogram back in June and all was well.
Hope you had a great birthday. I miss you guys and i'm anxious for you to get home. Kisses to Carter. . .
love ya

Carla said...

I'm a dummy and I accidently "rejected" two comments (both from my parents) instead of "published." That's what happens when I try to do anything prior to having my coffee in the morning. So now I need to make up for those two deletions.

Also, if you are having trouble posting a comment (as I have heard from some people), try commenting as "anonymous". This seems to work for most people.

Carla Gale said...

Also, the comment my mom sent talked about my Grandma Kearns (Nana) who was diagnosed with breast cancer in her 70s. I hadn't forgotten about her. She's part of the reason I am so passionate about Breast Cancer awareness. Fortunately for her, she did not die from breast cancer, she lived nearly another 10 years after being diagnosed.

Michele said...

WAY to GO Carla!! Love what you're doing with your blog!!! MISS you like CRAZY!! Did you get my phone message on your birthday?

Ree said...

Thank you! This is the best form of flattery - and if you outdo me? Even more awesome! ;-) More money for research is Never, Ever a bad thing.


Anonymous said...

Hi Carla - I am a good friend of Grandma Sue and I admire what you are doing. A wonderful cause tossed in with a touch of humor. I too have family and friends touched by breast cancer. They are doing well because of early detection. Thanks for getting the word out.
Take care and have a wonderful trip home.