Saturday, March 20, 2010

Cat Scratch Fever

So what does one do when recovering from the emotional stress of a miscarriage?  Adopt a kitty.

OK, so we were planning on getting a cat anyway.  It’s been nearly a year since Corky passed away and we thought it was about time.  We were planning on doing it after Easter but decided to pull it ahead a bit.

For the past few days, I had been searching for suitable cats.  Through that I learned of several adoption days going on today at various pet stores around town.  At one pet store, they only had brought two cats for adoption but several dogs.  While the cats were cute and extremely laid back, we just weren’t making a connection.  We learned that this shelter had over 50 cats back at their facility and so we made plans with them to stop by later in the day.

The second pet store we went to today had at least 15 days available for adoption.  I instantly fell in love with a pair of Russian Blue kittens.  They were about 5 months old and brother and sister.  I asked to see one out of the cage and as soon as the lady handed one over, he immediately flipped out.  Determined not to drop the little guy nor let him escape, I held on for dear life. 


He bit and scratched the heck out of my hand.  I was bleeding rather profusely from my right hand.  I found some hand sanitizer and paper towels and continued to look at some of the other cats.  About 15 minutes later, my right hand was swelling up…and rather fast.

At home, the disinfectant and ice did nothing to bring the swelling down and my pinky starting turning blue.  I decided it was time to hit the Urgent Care Clinic down the street.   Just in case I haven’t received enough medical attention in the last couple of weeks with multiple respiratory infections and a miscarriage, I got a tetanus shot today and another round of antibiotics. (I had Ben take some photos of my grotesquely swollen hand but the pictures just don’t do it justice.)

Way to take advantage of my medical insurance.  President Obama himself may show up on my doorstep and accuse me of abusing the health care system.  Perhaps I’ve had more than my allotted share of healthcare for the year and I’m to be cut off for the remainder of 2010.

Did any of this discourage me from adoption?  No way.  We had a 5pm appointment at the original shelter,  Friends of Michigan Animal Rescue, which is a no-kill shelter for dogs and cats.  FMAR was a wonderful place that houses nearly 50 cats and 12 (?) dogs.  Despite the sheer number of animals, it was incredibly clean and stink free.  And the volunteers were extremely patient while we hemmed and hawed over which one to take home.

We finally decided on Shelby, an 11 month old brown/black tabby.  Shelby was one of several kittens that was found at the Ford Wayne Assembly Plant last summer.  She and all of her siblings were named after Ford vehicles (Fairlane, Flex, Pinto, Comet, …). 

Shelby was very sweet and affectionate at the shelter but is a little freaked out here at our house.  She is currently hiding underneath a couch and only ventures out when it is really quiet.  We are hoping tomorrow that she’s a little more comfortable here in her new home and that she allows us to snap some photos.

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Young Survivors of Tarrant County said...

Good luck on the cat situation. They can be so sweet when they get comfortable.

Amy Pitman