Wednesday, January 19, 2011

It’s a Girl!

We went for our big ultrasound today and found out that we are expecting a little girl!  We are so excited. We would have been excited either way (boy or girl) but it’s such a relief to have all the anatomical measurements completed and to hear that baby is right on track for growth / size.

Here a picture of our baby girl.  Her nose is a little funky looking but you can see her hand up to her chin.

 19 weeks #1 

And here’s proof that she’s actually a girl. (That’s her bum on the right side with her two legs stretched out to the left)

19 weeks #3

Sorry if that was too much detail for you.

Carter was so excited that were were going to learn the gender of the baby today that I made a promise to him.  Since Nana was picking him up from school today, she was going to help him call me so that I could tell him over the phone instead of having to wait several more hours for me to get home from work.

Nana called as planned and handed the phone to Carter.  Here’s how the conversation went:

Me: Hi, Carter! Do you want to know what the baby’s going to be?

Carter:  Yes.

Me: It’s a girl.  You are going to have a baby sister!

Carter: I wanted a boy.


He hung up on me!  The poor guy wanted a brother so badly. Fortunately he got over it pretty quickly, came to terms with the fact that we don’t get to choose, and is excited about being a big brother even if it is to a baby sister.

Of course my own brain is just flooded with thoughts:  ooh, maybe she’ll color with me (since Carter won’t)…what am I going to do with her hair? I can’t even do my own hair! would it be wrong to give her a buzz cut like Carter?…girls’ clothes are SOOOO much cuter than boys clothes…and on and on…

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