Monday, June 13, 2011

Lauren Audrey Gale

Lauren Audrey Gale arrived today at 10:55 am, weighing 7lb 2oz, measuring 20 inches.  We are completely smitten with her and are, once again, amazed that we created a person.


Though she is an average sized baby, she seems so tiny compared to Carter when he was born.  Carter was 8 lbs 5oz. That extra pound (plus!) really makes a difference. Lauren is our little bean.

She has a shocking amount of dark, dark brown hair.  It is so silky soft.  Unfortunately she also has some on her ears (like an old man) and on her back.  No halter tops for her this summer!  It will be interesting to see if the hair on her head all falls out like Carter’s did.  Ironically, around the time I was 5 months pregnant, we asked Carter what we should name the baby.  He suggested “Furry.”  Little did we know it would be quite appropriate.


1 comment: said...

She is so beautiful!! Don't they all have hair on their ears and backs?!! Our kids just have blonde hair! I CANNOT wait to meet her...I cannot wait to see you as a mommy of an infant!! :) XOXO