Thursday, July 05, 2007

Blackberries for dinner????

Carter and I were exploring one afternoon shortly after moving in and we came across this blackberry (Brombeere in German) bush growing in our new back yard. These berries looked quite yummy so I picked the largest, juiciest one I could see and popped it in my mouth. Immediately I was overcome with a tart flavor and I almost spit it out. Then I got several of those huge seeds caught in my teeth. Lovely.

Of course Carter HAD to have one, then another, and another. He probably at more than 20 that afternoon. The tartness did not seem to bother him at all. He kept standing there on the back patio asking for "more" with his mouth full of the last batch I brought. If you click this link to the gallery of more pics, you will see that there were so many berries that some heavy equipment had to be called in. Needless to say, Carter didn't eat much dinner that night.


Bernard said...

Those are some great pics. Haven't been on the blog in a while, 'cause we have been crazy busy, but it's good to see that your kid hasn't lost his appetite.

Thinking about you guys often.


In deutchland, I hear it's pronounced "BeRnt".

Kristin said...

Love these pictures Connor is a huge fan of any type of berries! Carter looks so cute!
Sounds like all is well, so happy he adjusted easy.