Wednesday, July 04, 2007

Im Forst 30

We have moved into our house in Germany (Im Forst 30). It's fairly bare bones as we are without our air or sea shipment. Carter's room actually looks pretty good as most of the 9 pieces of luggage we brought with us on the plane were filled with stuff for him. Ben and I are sleeping on the mattress we borrowed from the Johnsons and we are eating off of picnic plates borrowed from the Dhrunas. This is similar to camping but without the hassle of a tent.

Carter is doing well with the transition at school, Vincerola. They have a strict transition plan which includes one parent staying with the child at the school for the entire first week. Ha! If I had that sort of time, I wouldn't need daycare. Fortunately, Carter impressed them all with his ability to adapt and today I was actually allowed to leave for a couple of hours.

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