Monday, August 27, 2007

Carter's 2nd Birthday

Cars, Cars, Cars. It's all about the Cars. That's Cars with a capital "C" as in Cars the Disney-Pixar movie. Carter is obsessed. The only thing that can compete is The Mickey Mouse Clubhouse.

For Carter's birthday, Nana sent (among other things) 3 Cars. In an effort to avoid an overload of cars, we decided to ration them out, 1 per day. This only led to Carter thinking that he gets a new car everyday. Oops. Big plan back fired. What's worse is that Ben and I are doing nothing to fix it. We are only making it worse. You see, Carter also got the Race Track/Storage Case combo for his birthday and now we are all obsessed with filling the storage case with all the appropriate Cars. when Carter gets home from school, he asks for his "car surprise." I guess we can only blame ourselves (or Disney!).

Sticking with the Cars theme, we also got Carter Mack the Truck for his birthday. He insists on sleeping with it now (displacing Mater to the bedside table).

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Andy said...

I don't know what it is about that movie, but it's like crack. Not only are there lots of cars, which are cool by themselves, but they all talk and are funny. Game, set, match. Later, Mater.