Monday, August 20, 2007

Frühstück = Breakfast

How silly of me to forget -- what was once a huge staple for the Gale Family -- BAGELS! That really should be #1 on our "What we miss" list. Back in Michigan, we would go to Einstein Bagels every Saturday and Sunday morning. We went so often that we actually made friends with other regulars. After moving to Germany, we were at a loss on how to start our weekend mornings...there are no bagels stores to go to in order to start our day.

In fact, there are no breakfast places to go to at all! No place for pancakes or French toast. No place for an omlet. No place for eggs over easy with a side of wheat toast. And, of course, no place for bagels. We have pined for Einstein's, Angelo's (in Ann Arbor), Leo's Coney Island. Heck, even a Bob Evans would do. I don't even think the McDonald's here serves an egg McMuffin. Alas, no breakfast joint here at which we could become regulars. So I ask the Germans, why even have a word for breakfast when you don't even serve the meal?

Desperate for a weekend ritual substitute, we have developed a new habit of walking to the bakery on Sunday mornings (one of the few things open) after eating a regular ol' bowl of cereal. At the bakery, we pick out some sort of yummy pastry for a mid-afternoon snack. Carter quickly learned that a smile will get him a free cookie at the bakery and now expects one every time. Yesterday, upon receiving a cookie, I prompted him: "Carter, what do you say?" His answer: "Yummy!" Hmmm, not exactly the "thank you" or "danke" that I was looking for but it got a smile out of the bakery lady.


Anonymous said...

Total dork update. Apparently there is an RSS feature. You are now badass Web 2.0.

Tina said...

where were your bike helmets????