Friday, August 31, 2007

Carter's First Two-Wheeler

Carter got his first bicycle yesterday. Notice this bike doesn't have any pedeals. In German, it's called das laufrad -- which is literally the running wheel or impeller. These bikes are extremely popular here and toddlers all over the city have them. I did see them in the US before we left and they are called Balance Bikes at home. Essentially he just sits on the seat and runs with his legs to propel the bike forward, very good at teaching the concept of balance. Though Carter is not smiling in the picture (due to intense concentration), he is thrilled with his new bike and did not want to get off it to go to bed last night. And, it was the first thing he asked for this morning.

I am very impressed by his concern for safety. Carter has no issue with wearing a helmet. He was also very aware of cars coming down the road and always moved quickly back to the driveway if a car was anywhere on our street. Carter's helmet barely fits his big noggin. I think I may have to upgrade to an adult small!

I think by next week, Carter will be so fast on this little bike that I will be cursing myself for getting it for him as I run after him down the street.

PS - someone commented on the lack of bike helmets in an earlier photo of me and Carter on a bike on vacation. I would like to point out that we rented bikes in The Netherlands and were unable to rent helmets with the bikes. I guess the Dutch are as carefreee about bike safety as they are about drugs and sex. Ironically, there are as many bikes in The Netherlands as there are people.

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