Sunday, August 05, 2007

Family Vacation

Just back from a family vacation. We spent 4 nights/5 days at a family vacation village called De Huttenheugte (part of the Center Parcs villages) in The Netherlands. We had a blast. So much fun to have undivided attention to give to Carter...something that I'm sad to say neither Ben nor I have had in the past couple of months as we have been wrapped up in the move.

The accomodations were a little more rustic than we hoped for but the time with Carter more than made up for it. We spent most of our time there riding bikes and swimming. Though you'll see in the pictures that Carter appeared unhappy in the pool, he warmed up to it and even had the courage to jump from the edge of the pool into Daddy's waiting arms. We played ourselves to exhaustion and Carter got to the point of asking for naps or to go to bed at night. In addition to the swimming and biking, there was a very cute petting zoo that Carter loved...especially the goats.

After the 5 days at Center Parcs, we spent a night in Münster, Germany and toured the Münsterland region. This area is know for Wasserburgs, moated castles.

Haus Huslhoff

Burg Vischering

Schloss Nordkirchen

PS - Happy 32nd Birthday, Ben!

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