Thursday, August 09, 2007

Gales in Deutschland - Now with VoIP Goodness!!

Well, it only took two companies and over a month, but our VoIP finally works. We were originally with Sunrocket, the "no hassle" phone company. Evidently they don't consider going out of business to be a hassle. I was able to find a new company that would let us port our old phone number and use the same hardware that we already had. So, almost one month after signing up with them, our number finally works. It's the same as our old home phone in Michigan. If you don't have that number, email us or leave a comment on this post. PLEASE REMEMBER that we are 6 hours ahead of Eastern time zone.

That being said, please call. We miss everybody and would love to hear news from all our friends and family in the US.


Anonymous said...

It looks like you guys are having a blast! We miss you guys so much and think about you often. We are so happy that you have your phone working, we will be calling soon!


Holli, Paul, Landon & Nolan

Bobby T said...

The kid is so cute (looks like mom). Its been too long guys...Charles gave me your blog site. Cool stuff. Love, Bobby