Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Pee-Pee on the Potty!

After months of just sitting on the potty, moving it around the room, ordering Mommy to sit on it...Carter finally used his potty. He actually asked to get out of the bathtub so that he could sit on his potty and go pee-pee. Why not pee in the tub like every other kid? Who cares...he used the potty!

Carter even has a potty book that I try to read to him (hoping to encourage him); however, whenever I pick it up to read it he says "NO! not the potty book!"

OK, so we know not to get too excited. It could be months before he even uses the potty again, let alone be fully potty trained. But right now -- we are some pretty proud parents.
The picture isn't the best. It's hard to get a 2 year old to sit still (especially when his parents are going nuts!) and Ben was directing me where to put my legs and arms so that Carter could maintain some modesty (not that he doesn't run around the house naked every night before bath).

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