Monday, December 24, 2007

Chattanooga / TN Aquarium

After 3 days in Michigan (in my parent's basement), we were on the move again. This time to Chattanooga to see Ben's mom, sister, step-dad, and other extended family. We flew into Altanta and drove to Chatanooga. The flight from Detroit to Atlanta was a disaster. Without going into much detail -- we were stuck on the plane in Detroit for over 4 hours before we even took off, had hydraulics issues, then the FAA and Federal Marshal removed 3 passengers from the plane. Ugh! We were only in Atlanta for about 15 hrs but we were able to catch up with The Knoop Family and Greg Turner.

We had a great time in Chattanooga. Besides being able to see all the family, we had trips to a Train Museum and the TN Aquarium. At the Train Museum we were able to take a short trip on a steam train. Carter loved it and watched out the window intently, announcing "more clouds" as the steam engine produced more steam. The pic to the left is from the train ride. If you actually want to see the train (and not just Carter), you'll have to follow the link at the bottom.
The following day we went to the TN Aquarium with Aunt Rowan. This is a pretty amazing place that recently added a second building that is primarily dedicated to salt water species. Carter was especially fond of the pengiun display, the sea turtles, and all the "Nemo" fish.
Because we were going to miss the big McGregor Clan gatherings on Christmas Eve and Christmas Day, Alex and Leslie were kind enough to invite the whole clan to Signal Mountain on the 23rd. It was absolutely wonderful to see everyone...especially since it had been since Easter of 2006 since we had seen most of the family. I don't have many pictures from the party as I spent all my time talking. Carter had a blast with his second cousins, Sophia and Olivia, even though it meant having to share his cars with them.

Click here for all the pictures from our trip to Tennessee, including more from the train museum, the aquarium, and Carter and Ben assembling Legos.

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