Sunday, January 06, 2008

Grandma Rose's 93rd Birthday

While we were home in the States, we went to Cincinnati to celebrate Grandma Rose's 93rd Birthday. All of her descendents (save one grandson) were there: 3 children, 6 (0f 7) grandchildren, and 3 (& 1/2) great-grandchildren. Including spouses, there were 16 of us in total. I think that this was the happiest that Grandma Rose has been since moving from Florida to Cinci.

Carter had a blast with his second cousin, Sophia. She's about 7 months younger but a good match for Carter. Carter was also highly interested in his other second cousin, Silas. For some unknown reason, Carter gave Silas the nickname "Pancake." In Carter's world, that is a huge compliment as he loves pancakes. We are hoping that it sticks.

While in Cinci, we also took a trip to the zoo. We saw "white" lions, a running rhino, a growling bengal tiger, and others. For pictures from the zoo and from the rest of the weekend in Cincinnati, click here.

Happy Birthday Grandma Rose! Here's to many more.

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