Saturday, January 17, 2009

The Funniest Conversation I've Ever Had

Here's the transcript from an interesting conversation with Carter in the bathroom:

Carter - "Pee comes out my penis and poop comes out the back."
Mommy - "That's right Carter."
C - "But you don't have a penis, Mommy."
M - "No, honey, I don't. Girls don't have penises."
C - "You need to buy one."
M - "Where do you buy a penis?"
C - "At the penis store."
M - "Is that where you and Daddy got your penises?"
C - "Yep. Daddy wanted a long one so he bought one at the penis store."
M - "Really?"
C - "Yep and he wears it all day long."

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Aleesha said...

Oh my word, I just saw this and I'm dying!! I imagine that conversation wasn't had with a straight face! :)