Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Sweet Corky

Many of you already know that back on January 8, I learned that Corky has kidney failure. I had finally realized that I couldn’t ignore his weight loss any longer and made an appointment for him at the vet. They took several blood samples (I've never seen Corky so mad!) and I got the results on Jan 8. Unfortunately there is nothing that can cure or reverse renal failure, you can only give them specially formulated food to minimize the stress to the kidneys. By doing this, though, cats with renal failure can live for many months, maybe even a year or two.

I returned to the vet today for a follow up appointment. The vet felt that one of Corky's kidneys was too large and wanted to do a sonogram. Poor Corky had to have his stomach shaved. The ultrasound showed that there is a very large cancerous cyst on his left kidney and his right kidney has shrunk down to half of what it should be. There is nothing that we can do. The prognosis is not good. I am so broken hearted as he is the sweetest, most loving cat I've ever met. I only wish I could communicate to him what is happening.

This evening he seems even slower and weaker than usual. Perhaps the stress of the vet visit this morning really zapped him of his energy. I guess I can only hope that's the case. I am not ready to say goodbye (it has all happened so quickly) nor am I ready to explain to Carter the concepts of death and dying.

Perhaps you are reading this and just don't understand why I'm so sad. You might be thinking that Corky is just a house pet. He's not just a house pet to me. For 11 years he has been my family.

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Aleesha said...

Poor little Corky... this made me cry! :(