Saturday, May 09, 2009

Blogging and Books

I am not a Blogger expert by any means and somehow the actual post layout has changed and this has infuriated me. Each post used to start with the date, then the post title, and ended with "Posted By Carla (or Ben)". I cannot for the life of me figure out why it switched to post title, then date, and no "Posted By" note at the bottom. Ugh. I have spent FAR too much time trying to fix this. You, as the readers, probably didn't even notice or care but it is driving me *insane*. It has become an obsession. I have been reading web tutorials on HTML code --- yes, I'm that desperate.

When I'm not obsessing about something totally inconsequential, I like to read. One of my favorite books right now is Richard Scarry's compilation of Busy Town books. It is 12 books in one and I read 3 of the stories each night with Carter. After 4 nights we are through the book and he's ready to start over again. I loved the Richard Scarry books as a child. I thought the detail in the drawings was just incredible. My favorite character was (and still is) Lowly Worm. Carter's favorite is Sargent Murphy. We also have "Cars and Trucks and Things that Go." This one is perfect for keeping Carter occupied...he'll spend quite a bit of time quietly flipping through the pages and looking at all the illustrations.

Using my more advanced reading skills, I just finished "3 Cups of Tea" by Greg Mortenson and David Oliver Relin. It's really an amazing and inspiring story of how a single person can drive so much change. Before I started the book, I actually had my doubts about Mortenson. Why would an American invest so much time and effort (and money) into building schools in Pakistan and Afghanistan when there are so many people in the US who are in need of help? By the end of the book, my attitude had changed and I was completely impressed with the power of a single person to affect change.

Now if I could just figure out this darn blogger code, I could move on and focus my efforts on peace in the Middle East and the growing pile of laundry in my basement.

PS - Yes, I realize that some nerdy 14 year old could probably fix my blog issue in a matter of seconds, but that only irritates me more.

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