Saturday, May 16, 2009

Die Slugs, Die!

First thing this morning, while the grass was still damp, I went out to the yard with a wooden skewer and some Windex in a bowl. I'm sure I stabbed at least 35 slugs and dropped them into the Windex. The ammonia makes them ooze. It's super gross but effective. I thought of taking a picture but decided that was a little too disgusting to post. Even Carter was out there helping me hunt them down in the grass.

I also made it over to the garden store and bought some slug poison. The reason I've never been able to find it there before: it's locked up behind the counter. The rat poison and wasp killers are out in plain sight on a regular shelf, but the slug bait is behind the counter? Go figure.

Back when we lived in Northville, our hostas were essentially eaten to the ground and it didn't really bother me. The difference: the deer were eating the hostas. Bambi is so much more acceptable in my book than hundreds of slimey slugs.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Good job ; I'd say that you have won round # 2 with the slugs.
They do sound so disgusting ! Hope they have not invaded your vegetable garden.