Thursday, May 14, 2009

Slug Infestation

We have a slug problem in our garden. A really, really big one. I have read on the internet all the various ways to eliminate slugs. The best solutions seem to involve some sort of product that I would need to buy at a store (Sluggo, Slug Magic, etc). The problem is I don't think that stuff exists here in Germany. So I decided to go with the solution that I knew I could find here: Beer.

I have set out the beer traps and catch so many of them but the slug problem doesn't seem to be getting any better. In fact, I think it's actually worse. I think all of the slugs in the neighborhood can smell the beer and come over for a party every night.

They are absolutely destroying my hostas. Yes, yes, I realize that putting hostas in a yard that is known for having slugs is like putting chocolate in front of Carter and expecting him not to eat it. Hostas are candy to slugs. But I love hostas and they do well in shady areas and I will not let the slugs determine what I plant.

I had a huge basil plant that was totally thriving until the slugs moved in. They have eaten up nearly every leaf. I would post a picture but you wouldn't even recognize the poor plant. I have some dahlias that are in a big clay pot. I thought for sure they would be safe in the pot. Nope!
Slugs beware! This is war.

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