Thursday, July 02, 2009

Baby Store

Conversation at dinner tonight...

Carter - "I want a boy one."
Ben - "A boy one what?"
C - "A boy baby."
B - "Well, you know Carter, that Mommy and Daddy don't get to pick if it's a boy or a girl."
C - "Can we ask the baby store if they have any boys?"
B - "You can't buy a baby at the store. Mommy and Daddy have to make one."
C - (strange look)
B - "Mommy needs to grow one in her belly."
C - (looks at my rather squishy belly) "Do you have a baby in there now?"

So first off, NO I'm not pregnant. Secondly, does this remind you of the penis store conversation? It cracks me up. But then I got to thinking...what if you could buy a baby at the store?

Would they advertise them like wine? Golden, rich honey in appearance. Aged for 3 years in a cool cellar and is full-bodied with rich vibrant aromas.

Would it be like pedigreed puppies? This one comes with papers, shots, and a written guarantee for all major inherited and congenital problems.

Would there be discounts available on last year's models? Could you buy an extended warranty like an appliance? Money back guarantees?

Some interesting things to think about tonight since it's too hot to sleep.

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