Thursday, September 03, 2009


I've been depressed because I've been thinking that you readers don't really love me which is why hardly anyone leaves me any comments.  Then I learned today that some of you have tried to leave comments but haven't been able to.  A-ha! So you do love me.

Apparently I had some setting wrong that limited the comments to registered users or something along those lines.  I have now corrected that (I think) so that anyone can leave a comment (after first being moderated by me to filter out any spam).

So any minute now all those comments should come flooding in, right? 


Is anybody out there?


carla said...


Anonymous said...

testing again

Anonymous said...

Carla; Both of us enjoy reading your blog and Carters imput to you and Ben. Thanks for making the effort. Jerry/Mart Lynn

Anonymous said...

I'm sure you know that I check daily for updates on your blog. Love it !!! always enjoy a chuckle.
But then I am your mother ...probably not the feed back you were hoping for. I admit I might be a little prejudiced.

Paulette said...

YES! I was one of those people!!! Dave and I took the citizenship test fom a previous posting and passed...btw. we totally forgot that you were a Canuck! we enjoy your blog! hope all is well in Germany!

Anonymous said...

Yeah...I wanted to post many times but could not...I hope all is well. Amy Pitman