Monday, September 07, 2009

Scrap Paper Notebook

I sit right next to the printer/copier/scanner/fax machine at work.  Not only is it loud (people like to congregate and talk) and hot (people + hard working electronic equipment) but I have really noticed how much paper is wasted.  Sure, sure...this should not be a surprise to anyone working but I mean I REALLY noticed it.  The recycle bin is always overflowing, often to the point of it spilling over the sides onto the floor.

I guess this has made me a little more environmentally conscious and so I've started using scrap paper for much of my note taking at work.  Usually this is the informal kind that happens at my desk when I'm flipping between spread sheets and need to scribble down a couple of numbers so I don't forget them.  Or when I'm on the phone and need to scribble down some info.  If it's important, it will often get transferred to my more official notebook but usually it goes right into the trash/recycle bin minutes later when I no longer need it.    Normally I would use Post-It notes for this type of stuff but I've switched to scrap paper.

There's a problem though.  I'm obsessed with office supplies and I like things to have their place.  OK, maybe that second part isn't entirely true.  BUT, if I have a random stack of scrap paper on my desk, how am I to tell that from the random stack of potentially important work papers?

Then, one night while snuggling Carter back to sleep after a bad dream, I had an a-ha moment.  My Mod Podge project turned out pretty well, so why not try another?  And so my Scrap Paper Notebook came to be.

How did I make this?  I started with an empty box of cereal and cut out rectangles the size I wanted for the covers.  I actually cut out four as each cover is doubled up for stiffness.  I Mod Podged two pieces together to make a cover and then I wrapped in scrapbook paper and used more Mod Podge.  I used a coordinating print for the inside of the cover to cover up the seams.  Finally I coated the whole thing liberally with Mod Podge.  The binder rings that I am using here are too large but it's nearly impossible to find them here in Germany.  I have some smaller ones on order.  This notebook is roughly 8.5" x 6".

I am so happy with the finished product that I have been brainstorming reasons to make more of these.  I can make another one for home for grocery lists and weekly meal plans.  I can put in photo sleeves instead of paper to make a photo album.  I can make a larger one and fill with sheet protectors for a recipe book.  Oh, just think of the possibilities.

Let me know if you want one...I'm just dying for reasons to make more.


Paulette said...

Love it! I want to make one or if you want, you can make one for me so I can get the idea. I have very cute scrapbook paper that I can never seem to use for a page - maybe a bit too busy and it doesn't seem to work with the page 'themes'.

Paulette said...

ok, just tried to post and it didn't work....I love the notebook and feel free to make one for me so I can get the idea. I have tons of cute scrapbook paper just waiting to be put to good use!!