Monday, May 03, 2010

Mod Podge Wall Decoration

I finally found some time to do some crafting.  The whole “moving into a new house” thing really cut into my crafting time but yesterday (thanks to all the rain) I found some time to be creative.

Carter’s room, though cute, was looking rather incomplete because of the bare walls.  So when I found three metal stars on sale at JoAnn’s, I knew exactly what I wanted to do.

Here’s one of the stars “as is.”  It’s a simple brown metal star, certainly not offensive looking but not what I pictured for a little boy’s room.


I used some craft paint to paint one of the stars navy blue.  The paint is still wet in the picture.  It’s not this shiny now that it’s dry.


I had some really cute red, white, and blue scrapbook paper that I had bought at a huge discount.  I used this paper and some Mod Podge to cover the other two stars.  I made each point of the star a different pattern.  I made a template of the point of out plain white paper first and then cut out the scrapbook paper to size.  I made the long ends a little wider than the point itself so that I could wrap the edges around the back of the star itself to give it a cleaner look.


I liberally applied Mod Podge to both the front of the star and the back of the paper, put the paper on the star, and smoothed out the bubbles with a brayer. I wrapped the edges and then used another liberal application of Mod Podge to the top of the paper.


I don’t have any “action” shots as my hands are usually covered in the “Podge” and I don’t want to get it all over my camera. 


I was using a fairly heavy weight scrapbook paper and so a lot of Mod Podge  is needed to get good adhesion for the wrapped edges.  I like using this kind of paper because it doesn’t just disintegrate and/or tear when wrapping around corners. 


I really haven’t found a time when too much Mod Podge is a problem.  It just means longer drying time.  For most people that’s likely not an issue but I’m so impatient and want to hurry up and finish.  For a project like this one, I suggest letting it dry after completing two of the points, otherwise you will not have a good place to hold onto when doing the rest of the points.

Once everything was dry, I hung them on the wall in Carter’s room between his closet and his window.  I can’t put a piece of furniture there because of the vent on the floor and the wall space wasn’t right for a picture, I would need something tall and narrow.  The three stars seemed to do the trick and add to the navy and red theme already in his room.


[By the way, please ignore the curtains.  I have some red fabric that I purchased to sew on an accent panel at the bottom so that they go to the floor.  I guess that will now have to be the subject of a future post…but don’t hold your breath. My to-do list is a mile long.]

This whole project was done in just a couple of hours on a rainy Sunday and cost me less than $25.  The 3 stars together cost me $21, I used 5 pieces of scrapbook paper (on sale for $0.40/piece), and Mod Podge and craft paint that I had on hand.

I’m pretty satisfied with it.  What do you think?

4 comments: said...

FUN!! I'm SO jealous of your creative abilities!! I want to see the whole room...I want to see your WHOLE house!!

Anonymous said...

Great idea .... can't wait to see it.

Shannon Scherz said...

Those stars turned out awesome!!!

Paulette said...

Love it! you rock with modge podge! Did you use card stock thickness for the scrapbook paper?