Saturday, May 01, 2010

Soccer – Week 3

We woke this morning to a huge thunderstorm.  The thunder shook the house, the lightning seemed to be right in our backyard, and the rain was absolutely pouring down. 

Ben and I were pretty convinced there would be no soccer, but we didn’t mention anything to Carter.  The last thing we wanted to do was give him the idea that there would be no game and then have to drag him out kicking and screaming if the game was on.

Turns out the rain stopped 5 minutes before game time and the temp was in the upper 50s.  Amazing…finally some decent (not great) weather.

I am so proud of Carter today.  This was a great day of soccer for him.  Carter wore his jersey!!!  Carter participated in practice and had fun.  Well….for the most part anyway.  There was one drill that he didn’t do.  It was a game of sharks and minnows.  Carter didn’t like the idea of the sharks coming around and stealing the minnows’ balls.   Overall, though, practice was a huge success.  Carter was a champ at Red Light, Green Light and has decent ball control.  He laughed and had fun.  He listened to his coaches.

Though he still didn’t want to play in the game, I didn’t care. I was too busy beaming with pride from the improvement over the previous two weeks.

When the coach put Carter into the game, he stood where the coach placed him on the field the entire time. He just watched all the other kids run around after the ball.  He didn’t even bat an eye when the ball rolled right past him.  Carter would just look over to the sidelines at us with big eyes that seemed to be saying, “Really? I have to do this?”

We can’t figure out his aversion to the actual game given how much he seems to enjoy the drills.  I guess for today, I don’t really care….he wore his jersey!

Of course I don’t have any pictures.  After hauling my camera out to the field two weeks in a row for no reason, I didn’t feel like doing it again (especially with the threat of more rain).

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